Let us take you for an enjoyable and relaxing drive to soak up the beautiful scenery at Hikkaduwa Beach. In this adventure you can push your riding skills to the limit as you four drift around the sand dune circuit, master donuts on..


Sri Lanka provides no end of opportunities to try out Kayaking / canoeing, which are a different and relaxing mode of transportation. During a leisurely kyaking trip down this beautiful river, you can marvel at ever-changing landscapes and a fascinating variety of flora and fauna.


Hikkaduwa is a main surf destination and annually attracts surfers from Australia, UK, Japan, US and many more. There are 3 to 4 surf points with clear warm water in Hikkaduwa area. Although most of them are reef breaks, none of them are risky. All spots have a deep bottom & flat reef. The wave size ranges from 2~7 feet during the season. The main point called "main reef" has "A" frame shape waves, which you can ride in both directions. Hikkaduwa is famous as a surfing area due to its laidback vibe and it offers both economy and luxury accommodation in close proximity to the surfing breaks.


Lavanga sports and recreations department provides you with the ideal way of getting out of your stressful life style. ~ Try out our table tennis on the pool deck under the shade of the coconut trees in the evening. ~ Enjoy the total freedom. ~ Have a great time.


Hikkaduwa beach is one of the beaches provides location for yoga which in nature makes you feel inside you self and help increase your spiritual awareness, cultivating compassion and insight.